5 Acupuncture Myths We Need To Stop Believing

5 Acupunture Myths

For centuries, acupuncture has been used as a component of Eastern medicinal practices. Now, acupuncture has become a vital part of holistic practices worldwide. With so many benefits, it’s time to give acupuncture a chance. These are 5 acupuncture myths we need to stop believing.  

1.) Acupuncture is Painful 

Yes, acupuncture involves needles, but that doesn’t mean it’s painful. The fact is, acupuncturists only use needles that are about the width of a human hair.  

When a needle is inserted into the skin, patients may feel the slightest sensation. In traditional Chinese medicine, this sensation is known as “Qi energy.” When this energy is felt by patients, it is traditionally thought that the body is beginning the healing process.  

Acupuncture is not painful and has actually been found to relieve pain. 

 2.) Acupuncture is for “Hippies” 

While acupuncture has been a part of traditional medicine, it is not for “hippies.” There are hundreds of studies that confirm the health benefits of acupuncture.  

More so than ever before, wellness practitioners are integrating acupuncture into their practices in order to provide their patients with the best care. In reality, 42% of hospitals offer alternative treatments, like acupuncture, in their facilities. This is why Kersenbrock Chiropractic offers acupuncture in Lake Mary.

3.) Acupuncture is Expensive

Many people view acupuncture as an expensive specialized treatment. On the contrary, acupuncture is a very affordable treatment. Not only is acupuncture affordable, but it’s effective at treating a variety of chronic conditions, like migraines. Even some healthcare plans are beginning to recognize acupuncture under their plans.   

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4.) Acupuncture is Addictive 

Some people believe that once you begin acupuncture treatments that you have to keep going. This is false – acupuncture is not addictive. In fact, many medical journals have shown that acupuncture plays a critical role in helping patients to cope with addiction.  

While it can take a few treatments for acupuncture to be as effective as possible, it is not an addictive treatment. 

5.) Acupuncture Only Treats Pain  

When patients think of acupuncture they think of pain-relief. Acupuncture has been proven to treat pain, but it also has many other benefits. Acupuncture has been found to treat allergies, anxiety, and even fibromyalgia (to name a few).  

Patients undergo acupuncture treatments for a variety of reasons, not just for pain relief. 

Acupuncture in Lake Mary  

We need to stop believing these 5 myths about acupuncture. Acupuncture has been found to effectively and safely treat many conditions. If acupuncture is going to increase the quality of life of as many people as possible, we need to dispel these myths about acupuncture. 

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