Feeling Stressed? Acupuncture Can Help!

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Stress is common and manifests itself in many symptoms. The worst part? It can severely affect your health and livelihood. Are you feeling stressed? Acupuncture can help! The Kersenbrock Chiropractic team proudly offers acupuncture in Lake Mary. 

Understanding Your Stress

There are many things that can cause stress in our lives, both physically and mentally. 

Work is often a source of stress for adults. The pressures of performing at work can disrupt sleep, affect mood, and even cause muscle tension in your neck and upper back; all of these are symptoms of stress. 

It’s also important to understand your stresses at home. Managing and coordinating kids, intimate relationships, and social schedules can be equally stressful.  

As you come to understand your stress, you can begin to learn how to alleviate it. 

Alleviating Stress 

While stress is a very natural part of life, it can become dilapidating if it is ignored; stress can significantly impact your physical and mental health. 

There are many ways to alleviate stress in healthy ways.  

Self-care is an excellent way of fighting back against stress. Stepping away from stressful situations and environments to give yourself a much-needed breath of fresh air is important. We also recommend establishing an exercise routine because physical exercise has serious mood-boosting abilities. Lastly, learning to say “no”alleviates stress almost immediately; over-committing is a common cause of stress.  

How Can Acupuncture Relieve Stress? 

Acupuncture is a very relaxing and holistic practice. 

Studies show that acupuncture effectively regulates Heart Rate Variability. These findings suggest that acupuncture helps to establish balance in the Central Nervous System, which promotes not only relaxation but also overall health. 

It’s true, acupuncture can relieve stress and increase your quality of life.

Acupuncture at Kersenbrock Chiropractic 

Are you ready to start managing your stress more effectively? 

If you’re interested in alleviating stress, the acupuncturists at Kersenbrock Chiropractic can help – acupuncture in Lake Mary is just a phone call away.  

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