Injured in Lake Mary? Consider Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment can do more than just treat back pain. With the right techniques, an experienced and skilled chiropractor can effectively alleviate pain and treat the cause of the injury. You can often recover without ever paying for costly and painful surgeries. 

Car accidents can take weeks or months to develop. They are also usually the common causes of chronic pain. Without proper treatment, you may continue to suffer from the pain caused by these injuries and may spend a fortune on medical costs. If you want to completely heal, an experienced chiropractor in Lake Mary can help. 

What Kind of Injuries Do Chiropractors Treat?

After an injury, it’s important to get treatment right away. Otherwise, your condition may worsen. You can reduce the symptoms caused by injuries and get effective treatment by calling an experienced chiropractor.

The most common injuries chiropractors treat neck and shoulder pain, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, disc pain, hip bursitis, elbow or leg pain, etc. 

If you’ve been in an accident, visit a chiropractor as soon as possible. Even if you don’t feel any pain, call a health professional for an evaluation. You can avoid other discomfort and major health issues when you do something about it right away.

Are Medications the Best Option for Injuries?

Medicines — pain relievers specifically — can indeed alleviate any pain. However, they are only designed to mask the pain and not treat the root cause of the problem. Pain medications are temporary relief — you need a permanent solution if you want to completely recover. 

Patients with chronic conditions to ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissue can benefit from Active Release Techniques. This alternative treatment is a state-of-the-art soft tissue method that can relieve tension in the tissue. When performed by a good chiropractor, this technique can significantly improve the quality of your life after the injury. It can increase flexibility, manage shin splints and plantar fasciitis and improve mobility. You may also see improvement in about 2 to 3 visits. 

Another effective technique chiropractors use is called the Activator Method. It involves multiple steps and may only focus on using the Activator instrument for adjusting the spine. The treatment may last between four to six weeks with about two treatments per week. But you will see improvement after the 4th treatment. This treatment treats various injuries and also different neurological conditions.

The various methods described above are tried and tested treatments. Chiropractors use them because they work and are extremely effective at treating injuries. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of chiropractic treatment is long-term relief, which should be your goal. Below are some of the benefits of chiropractic care.

Relieves Neck and Lower Back Pain

If an injury left you with neck and lower back pains, chiropractic treatment could help treat this. Surgeries and medications are some of the alternatives for treatment, however they may cost you an arm and a leg. Also, it’s not certain that surgery will be successful. An adjustment from a chiropractor can help reduce inflammation and treat the cause of your injury. 

Improves Neurological Conditions

Chiropractic treatment is beneficial for those suffering from headaches caused by their injuries. Regular chiropractic adjustments can reduce headaches and even increase the blood flow to the brain. Ensure that you visit a highly experienced and skilled chiropractor to effectively help you manage and treat pain. 

Improves your Posture

Depending on the injury, your posture may be affected when it’s not fully treated. However, you can correct your posture by getting chiropractic treatment. So long as you intentionally follow your treatment plan, you should see significant improvement in your posture. 


When it comes to treating injuries and other medical conditions, you want to save money as much as possible, especially if your insurance coverage is minimal. Checkups, medications, diagnostic tests and medical procedures can be very expensive. There are also risks involved when a patient undergoes major surgery or operation. You can avoid spending a fortune by considering the services of a chiropractor. However, we suggest that you go with a licensed and experienced professional to ensure that you’ll get the best high-quality care.

Reduces Reliance on Pain Relievers

People suffering from chronic pain are usually given pain medications to help them manage it. With chiropractic treatment, you may be able to get rid of your pain medications altogether. Make sure that you always follow the treatment advised to you to get the benefits of chiropractic care.

Do You Need Chiropractic Treatment in Lake Mary?

If you have been injured in an accident, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kersenbrock Chiropractic. Our team of health professionals are committed to helping all patients — your healing and safety are our top priority. This is why we ensure that we have customized health solutions for each patient.

Before we begin treatment, we will carefully evaluate your medical history and other factors that may affect treatment. Our goal is to provide long-term relief for all of our patients. Our comprehensive chiropractic treatment can also help restore mobility and help you regain back control of your life. 

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