Study Suggests 6 Months of Walking Decreases Cognitive Decline

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Cognitive decline is compromising the quality of life of people everywhere – but don’t worry, there’s something you can do about it! A recent study, published by the American Academy of Neurology, suggests that just six months of walking decreases cognitive decline. Let’s dive into this study and see what it means for you! 

What is Cognitive Decline? 

Cognitive decline is abroad term that describes a decline in memory, motor-skills, use of language, judgment, and decision-making.

Cognitive decline occurs for numerous reasons. Prenatal conditions, environmental factors, and wear-and-tear on the brain can impact cognitive disorders.  

Cognitive decline happens gradually over time. Some symptoms include loss of coordination, confusion, and a decline of short-term memory. When cognitive decline becomes serious and dilapidating to a person’s lifestyle, it is medically termed dementia. 

Understanding The Study 

The study, published on December 12th by the American Academy of Neurology, divided participants into 4 different groups for the six-month study. 

The groups included: The DASH Diet, an exercise-only group, an exercise and DASH diet group, and a group that received a phone call regarding cardiovascular risk.  

Interestingly, the second group, which exercised for six months, saw significant improvements in their executive functioning when compared to groups who did not exercise. 

Dr. Richard Isaacson of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic says this of the results:  

“The results showed that controlled aerobic activity within a very short period of time can have a significant impact on the part of the brain that keeps people taking care of themselves, paying their bills and the like… Not only can you improve, but you can improve within six months!” 

The group that exercised and dieted experienced the most significant benefits. More specifically, they “reversed their brain’s aging by nine years.”  

With these astounding results, adopting a balanced diet and an aerobic workout routine seems very advantageous.  

Walking and Dietary Changes Decrease Cognitive Decline  

You’re just a few lifestyle changes away from doing your brain and body some serious good. As 2019 begins, think about integrating healthy habits, like walking and a balanced diet, into your daily routine.   

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